Isolation Consolation: Volume 2.

Isolation Consolation: Volume 2.

The mid-period of Isolation Consolation is represented here. 

8 great mini-lessons. 

1.Pelvic Clock-on your back. Great for mobility.

2.Flexing your Body-on you back. Great for standing tall. 

3.Learning to Crawl-on your front. Wonderful for mobilising ribs and walking. 

4.Supporting your Head-on your front. Coordinating eyes and chest to provide stabilty. 

5.Paradoxical Breathing-on your back. Brilliant for oxygenating fully. 

6.Spine as a Chain-on your back. Great to mobilise the mid to upper back. 

7.Toes and Ankles-on your back. Clever lesson to encourage mobility in muscles and mind. 

8.Reach for the Sky-on back. A personal favourite. Making connections from tip to toe. 


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