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Terry Laughlin

 Ed's manner is professional, but reassuring and creates a sense of psychic ease. And his touch was sensitive and nuanced. He represents the Feldenkrais Method with distinction.

Dr Abigail Rokison

" Thank you so much for the session. It really has made a significant difference to my sciatic pain, and has really helped with tension in my shoulders.  Quite a miracle.”

Justina Kaminskaite

 Extremely helpful for anybody on the creative path. Such centering and balancing is crucial for authenticity. I would recommend to work with you for anybody searching for an inner truth. Perhaps businessmen need you even more than artists."

Tamsin Larby

"Ed Woodall is an amazing teacher, facilitator and healer - has massively helped me with my wonky body and dodgy knees - so spread the word as Feldenkrais Method is magic!

Liz Treasure

"I’m amazed at the strength of the reaction. I am freer, more balanced and flexible. Send me the bill!!"

David Lee

 "I love Feldenkrais. In my opinion, he was one of the most intuitively brilliant people that ever drew a breath!


His insight into human complacency and how unaware we are in our brainwashing from society is awesome!"


Sian Godwin

Thank you for all you did for me on my journey to wholeness and happiness!

Dr Panny Moore 

As a GP, this approach makes sense, being like a very subtle and gentle form of physiotherapy, and encouraging the brain and body to make new connections that are beneficial (neuroplasticity). I have seen some patients for whom Feldenkrais has made an extraordinary difference to their mobility.

Dido Denman 

“The Feldenkrais Method is magic and Ed is a master magician! I came partly out of curiosity, partly from professional interest (as a psychotherapist working with clients' psychosomatic symptoms) and was astonished to find myself entirely free of habitual aches and pains in the days following the first session.

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