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Ten Minute Wonders.

Ten Minute Wonders.

Ten gorgeous little Awareness Through Movement lessons you can do any time! 


"Your lessons are beautiful; enough to make a person feel life again". Natasha Agarwhal. 


From caressing your toes, to strenghtening your back, there is so much here! 

Jaw relief, improving your vision, filling your lungs, to opening your hips and mobilising your shoulders. 


"So grounding and relaxing; perfect for the morning." Maria Forrester. 


A wonderful one-stop self-care package to keep you on your toes and full of life. 

Originally recorded for Ed's 10@10 sessions on Instargram in 2020, they have been trimmed and now are available for to enjoy whenever want them. 


" So good to hear your voice, and your wise words." Jo Bee. 


Lessons include. 

-Release your Toes.

-Discover your Lower Back.

-Easing the Shoulder.

-Exploring the Lungs.

-Relieving the Jaw.

-Lengthen your Back. 

-Loosening your Hips.

-Relaxing your Eyes. 

-Self-care for your Feet. 

-Strengthen your Back.


All just about 10 minutes for each. You can do them in any order; simply choose a title which appeals to you. 

You will need a mat or carpet or a hard chair to sit on, and above all try to find as EASY a way to do whatever I suggest...


"So sensitive, subtle and thought-provoking." Orlando Seale.