Ruby Membership of The Flourishing Human.

Ruby Membership of The Flourishing Human.

So, the time has come to step it up.

I am taking my business to the next level.

We are moving to a paid subscription membership.

I have created a new "brand" or alternative "home" and it is called:


I am setting up an "off-grid" network ( ie outside of FB/Insta etc)

-4 live, full-length classes a week.

-Recordings of the class if you can't make it or want to re-do it.

-A comprehensive library of catalogued awareness lessons.

-Reductions on 121s with Ed

-free passes to online chats, panels and lessons with other teachers.

"It is such great and important work."

Andrew Mayor

"I dare say with Ed around in dancers lives they will dance until they die."

Hayley Matthews.

This is a BIG leap for me. It involves lots of costs, in terms of the online host (Mighty Networks), assistants to schedule and deal with all the digitisation, and of course, my time and experience!

The "market price" for the membership is, at present, £80 per month-see my website. If you simply did 2 lessons a MONTH you have covered your costs! But actually the membership is going to offer SO MUCH MORE>

As you can see from above there is:

-access to recordings,

-a growing library of short lessons to address particular issues of movement you may have,

-a lower price for you one to ones with me, (and this can be in any area of flourishing, whether its public speaking, acting, sport, mobility, pain management).

_But you will also be part of an online/offline community of people who share an interest in the movement awareness revolution and you will be part of it!

-I provide the platform and some of the inspiration but you take it to the next level.

    £960.00 Regular Price
    £480.00Sale Price