Awareness. Flexibility. Ease. 


Train your Brain to Evolve. 




A Sense of Movement is the online home of Ed Woodall, educator, and neuro-adaptive movement expert.

Ed teaches people how to move and live with more ease. It is a new paradigm in pain relief.  



Covid19. All classes and one to ones are now online. Please click to find out more and email me at ed@asenseofmovement.com if you want to drop into a class or join mid-term, and one-to-ones. Thank you. 


I am offering short live-streamed lessons now on Facebook at a group that I have started since the lockdown was imposed. Isolation Consolation:Feldenkrais to help you through the crisis.  Come and join the group by clicking the link above. 

Isolation consolation is donations based. 

Please contribute at paypal.me/asenseofmovement for the mini-

lessons and if you want to help me raise a bit of cash to get some video equipment to make better content then "buy me a coffee" at Ko-fi.com/edwoodall

Thanks and stay safe! 



                      To maintain fitness you need to keep moving. But to evolve, you need to develop awareness.                            Awareness gives you choices. A Sense of Movement teaches the awareness that leads to change. 



Are you living the life you want? 

 Are you ready to change or are you stuck in a rut? True fitness is the ability to adapt. 

 A Sense of Movement will give you the tools to adapt for your future. 



     Ever wondered why just working harder doesn’t really give you the results you want?

                   The greatest performances come with the greatest ease. A Sense of Movement guides you                                    towards making your everyday life your greatest performance.




Come into the site and you will learn how Ed Woodall and the Feldenkrais Method can help you evolve. 

It's all about movement. As my teacher, Moshe Feldenkrais said,  "Movement is life. Improve the quality of the movement and you improve the quality of life itself". 


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